suitable usages

Boards of directors
General assemblies
Large-scale events


Standard :

video projector 16/9ths

Customized :

technical control room, convivial breakfast, appetizing snacks, streaming, HF microphones, meeting-recordings

217 participants perso

CATEGORIE 3etoiles

Price 1/2 day : 1 725  € Excl tax

Price/day: 2 999 € Excl Tax

réservation de salle de réunion à la défense

Located on the ground floor, this 217-seat auditorium has comfortable blue velvet seats, an ultra-modern technical control room and is adapted
for all kinds of large-scale events.
From press conferences to corporate plenary meetings in the American show style, but also for avant-premiere screenings and general assemblies.
Adapted for entertainment-style events and serious ones alike.
Your events can be catered for, be it breakfast, dinner or a cocktail served in the private salons of the Maison de la Mécanique.